Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Gazpacho (and comments!)

I've just realised that I have comments! I am such a novice/luddite that I didn't know people were responding until just now. Apologies to those of you who have said something and it has gone unrequited, I am very appreciative.

I have again taken a break from the Turkish cooking. Not because I am tired of it but because my stomach hasn't been able to handle anything resembling food for the last few days. Let's just say I had an attack of 'Sultan's Revenge'. And the Sultan won.

But I did manage to make my favourite summer dish: gazpacho. Turkish produce makes it especially flavoursome; tomatoes here are almost invariably ripe and sweet, cucumbers are crispy, peppers are acidic, but not too much so. Having that kind of easy access to great produce is spoiling me; I know that when I return to London I am going to miss the incredible variety and perfect taste of fruits and vegetables here. So I am enjoying it whilst I can.

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  1. Oh poor you. Hope you feel much better soon () coming your way. M xxx